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Anti-Slip Velvet Headband
Anti-Slip Velvet Headband

Anti-Slip Velvet Headband

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Why use a velvet headband? One word: SECURITY. The velvet grips your scarf or undercap, keeping it firmly in place. No more fighting slippery hijabs! No more scarf sliding backwards all day or giving you a headache because it's too tight. Plus, an extra layer between your hijab pins and your scalp!

Tips for use:

1) When you run a finger from the "front" edge to the "back" edge of the band, you should feel the nap of the velvet grabbing at your finger. If it feels smooth, flip the headband over and check again.

2) Position the headband so that it covers the top edge of your forehead and the beginning of your hairline. Experiment a bit to find the positioning that is just right for you! Sliding it down a bit on your forehead, and then back again, can help catch stray hairs.

4) If you're not using a cap, you may want to bobby-pin or clip the velcro edges together so that they don't grab at your scarves. If you are using a cap, just make sure the ends are tucked into the cap,  and you should be able to skip this step.

5) If the band stretches or becomes less grippy, run it through the washer and dryer to remove oil buildup and shrink it up a bit.