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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. However, as a small, home-based business, we don't always have access to the discounted shipping rates available to some of the big guys.  

We will do everything we can to help with shipping, but we are not able to mark your order as a "gift" or otherwise dodge your local import laws.

Where will my order ship from?

All of our products ship from MT, USA.

When will my order ship?

For in-stock items: within 2 business days. 

For Made To Order items: Within 14 - 21 days (usually closer to 14).

If your order is delayed due to circumstances beyond our control, we will contact you immediately to make satisfactory arrangements.


Why do your Made-To-Order items take so long?

In order to maintain our standards as a green, "slow fashion" business and avoid waste wherever possible,  we don't make your item until you place the order. Most of our fabrics are in stock at any given time, but sewing takes a little while and shipping times can vary. And the last thing we want to do is give you false expectations about our processing time.  Hence the 2-3 week window! We do everything we can to ship your order as fast as we can.

Rest assured that we will never send you an item we wouldn't wear. Every handmade item is individually cut, sewn, and inspected by the same person. We want you to love your order and wear it proudly, and we think it's worth the wait to get exactly the product you want!

Couldn't I just get some fabric and sew this?

Yes, if you have the skill and the equipment! And we think you should! Our made-to-order line exists to provide that service to women who can't necessarily sew for themselves, but still care about where their clothes come from, who makes them, and how long they last.


Well then, do you sell patterns?

Some day insha'Allah (God willing). One thing at a time.


Will you tell me where to find the fabrics you use?

No -- but they're all accessible to anyone with a bit of internet savvy. (Hey, we have to make a living, after all!)